It started out as a stressful morning as is always the case when our routine changes. I had to take Erwin to the train station this morning, and that always means getting up earlier and getting everyone out the door ready. But surprisingly, it went fairly well and kaeden waited for his bus while we headed to the train station. On the way home, Jari and I were talking about morning and the sun and why the windows are wet...just little small talk with my little guy, trying to get him psyched up for a new day. He went to school today after having the luxury of being home with mama the past three days after being sick. He's feeling better and just left with a little cough , so I'm happy I can continue with my plans to visit with friends this afternoon.

Anyway, as we were coming upon one of my favorite places between Weert and Beek there stood about 100 deer in our range. No cars were behind me so I pulled off to teh side of the road and we watched these beautiful animals as they watched us back. Huge antlers turned my sons's voice into high-pitched delight, and when we saw the babies running his voice became even more animated. This is some kind of animal reserve and we always await the moment with anticipation if we'll see our "friends" or not. As we bid them a good day, we suddenly had a grouse run right in front of us. Itw as so beautiful with such vibrant colors on his tail and head. As we continued further we saw geese and ducks playing in a field filled with water. It was a day full of nature, and we both enjoyed it. It made me feel so happy as the sun shone on us and we were in the presence of all these beautiful animals.

As I dropped Jari off at school, he was ready to begin his day. I walked in the door of my home dreading the mess that I left from our Valentine feast last night (I feel asleep immediately after tucking the boys in), but instead was greeted with the beautiful bouquet of flowers my husband brought home for me yesterday. Okay, so the mess was (IS!) there too, but those flowers just shined and I felt very loved.

It is mornings such as this that give my heart peace. After all the sadness I have been feeling recently, this weas the perfect pick-me-up. I have nothing in life that can't be sorted out with a little time, love, and nature. I am blessed.

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JAC said...

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and leave some encouraging words.

How did the boys do with bowling? I bet they were so excited and all smiles!

Do you have any contact with Lisa? I have been missing her tremendously and visit her site hoping for updates.

Keep those little men of yours smiling and laughing.

With care, JC