Bathtime Pleasures

I just went to check on Kaeden in the bath...wondering what he could be doing in there for so long...and I discovered his guilty pleasure. Yes, in his bath water was a half-soaked brick of ramen noodles floating in with his bubbles...and he was picking little pieces of the noodles off enjoying his 'breakfast'. Unbelievable. Sorry son, but it's time to get on outta there and dry off...or you will be turning into a limp noodle yourself!


Jen said...

Ew! :D

I'm glad Jari got to meet the king, that sounds wonderful! I'm a little jealous that I'll probably never meet royalty... ;)

Claudia said...

* bursts out laughing * He's learned the beauty of multi-tasking. You have a little genius on your hands. TOO funny.