Roman Name

Yesterday we spent the day at an open air museum. They had all kinds of activities for the kids to do, like grinding grain and then making cookies from your grain, throwing spears, making a knife, playing games from the middle ages, and learning the roman alphabet. It was a really perfect family day out and we all enjoyed ourselves immensely. This morning at breakfast, the conversation turned to middle names. Kaeden asked what Jari's middle name was, and I told him that they do it a bit different here than we do in America. Jari's middle name combines both his grandparents names, but in latin...or it could also be seen as roman, adding the 'us' to the end of the male name. So, Jari's name is officially Jari Wilhelmus Theodorus ...what a mouthful! Erwin told Jari he has a name like the Romans (which he is VERY into these days). So, he said "Yeah, I am Jari WilhelmUS TheodorUS, from opa and grampa." Then he pipes up, "But it should be Jari BILLHELMUS Theodorus!" You see, he only knows my dad as grampa or Bill, not as his given name of William. I couldn't stop smiling. Quite a little smartie-pants I have on my hands!

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Jen said...

That's so awesome! I love tradition and how it differs across cultures. (I guess that's why I'm studying anthropology, eh?)