Yesterday, Jari came home from school. We sat down together and got out the markers and his book, which we have been working on creating. He's written a story about his race car adventures, and we're going to have it published from the illustory company. He can't wait to see the finished product...and neither can mama. It will be a fun memento for him to share with his own children one day.

Anyway, as we got busy, he suddenly grabs a red pen and draws three big X's on my hand. "There, that's so you won't forget, mama!" Forget? Forget what, I wondered. But we neevr got the answer to that unasked question as he started telling me about the snowman he was drawing. And forget all about it I did.

Until this morning. On his little hand I noticed a red X. I told him to go wash his hands good before school. And then I remembered my 3 red X's. "Jari, what must we not forget today?" "The papers for the doctor have to be turned in today!" he replied.

Oh no! Search for the paper, and search for the shot records that have to be included...think I could find them? Of course not! But the paper was filled in, placed in his bookbag, and sent off to school. And I washed off my red X's, feeling like a first grader with my teacher requesting my duties be done. But I couldn't help but laugh...those red X's, just like little kisses from my son.


Jen said...

Awwww! That is so cute. From what you've said about him, he seems like such a great kid. :) I wonder if my son will do little things like that as he grows up.

Jade said...

That is very cute. Man...the gifts kids can give.. :-) So glad that you're aware enough to appreciate them as well.

I wanted to stop by and thank you Tera. Your comment on my page was so comforting. I felt the genuineness and sincerity in your words, and it meant a lot. You're thousands of miles away, but are still have the ability to touch my heart. Thank you for being the wonderfully kind person you are.

Claudia said...

Well, it worked didn't it???! ;) Sometimes they are SO much more smarter than we are.