Dinner Woes

I was serving up dinner. Plates laden down with homemade sloppy joes, oven roasted potatoes and corn from a can. Okay, not the very most health-conscious meal, but it was dinner and I had slaved over the hot stove creating this abundance for my little family. As with every night, Jari complained about dinner. "What is THAT?" he asked pointing to his sloppy joe. "Just eat it, you'll like it," I answered sitting down and rolling my eyes at the ritual of his drama. As he sat, he then eyed his plate again. "Okay, I will eat THAT (pointing to the sloppy joe) but I'm NOT gonna eat the popcorn!"


Jade said...

Hee hee, ya know...I think those are pretty cute woes in the grand scheme of things. :-) And the good new is that the sloppy joe didn't go flying across the room! ;-)

Claudia said...

* bursts out laughing * You TELL her, J. and um, yeah, can I have some of those roaster 'taters please???! They are my favorite EVER!

Trailboss said...

Ah, the dinner ritual. Always a dull moment!

You have a beautiful family!

Lisa from Kentucky

swampy said...

What ! No popcorn ! Are you kidding?
If you host Julie's Thankful Thursday, I have one ready to go.
Please add me to your list.