Have you ever tried to play Bingo in a language in which all the numbers are spoken backwards? Well, that's where I will be tonight, doing my motherly duties during my son's annual Bingo Fundraiser. One year I actually won a grill. I was so nervous poking my hand in the air and calling out KENO! I was sure I had checked off a wrong number...such as 68 (in English) is 8 and 60. 42 is 2 and 40. 79 is 9 and 70. You get the idea...it gets very confusing and easy to make a mistake. I hope Kaeden wins tonight.. He is so geared up to bring home a prize. He's got his tickets in his pocket counting down the minutes until we can go. His face is etched in such concentration during the game and when he gets close you can nearly taste the tension in the air. I would be SO happy if he won!! And tonight, I'll have an outing with my first-born...he'll ask for money for drink tokens, I'll give it to him. During the break he will buy the traditional apricot appleflap, and we'll pick out 5 envelopes filled with numbers in hopes of winning a prize. And my son's face will shine in excitement even as mine is clenched in nervous wrinkles trying to find 8 and 50 (ahkt en vy-f-teeg) before the next number is called!

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Jade said...

Hope you and your "Man Child" ;-) had fun on your outing yesterday. Above all I wanted to stop by and thank you for the very sweet comment you left on my blog. It was very touching for me to read. Guess a lot of stuff I needed someone to say was said.. so thank you.Its not often you come across people who will say what needs to be said as a friend. Glad you're that kind of person. I've definitely got a lot of thinking to do, but I'm glad I've got people like you in my life to share my thoughts with.

Hope you and yours are having a peaceful, warm, and cozy weekend!
Thanks again for being the wonderfully sweet person you are!