The Game of Life

This morning the boys and I were playing the Game of Life. It's something they have just recently discovered after realizing that their favorite Kid Life game was also available as an adult version in our game cupboard. We set it all up and began going the rounds. I came upon the birth of twins and the boys thought it was really funny. Kaeden asked me "So, do you want a boy and girl, or would you rather just keep me and Jari?!" I jokingly said there was no way I'd pick both of them again as my kids so they better give me two girls. They refused and I ended up with one boy and one girl. But, as Kaeden was putting my kids in my car, next to each other on the seat, he suddenly changed his mind. "I think one better sit in the back so they won't fight!!" and my 'daughter' took up residence in the back, behind her brother! It hit me so funny, realizing they know just what's going on and how to fix the problem, relating it to our own family life. I wish it was so simple to fix probelms in real life. But nonetheless, we'll just keep doing our best.

So, The Game of Life. Is it really just a game or is it real life in miniature? And what's the difference between real life and the game, besides the fact that you can't HEAR my son and daughter screaming "HE TOUCHED MEEEEEEE!!" " No, HE POKED MEEEEEE FIIIIRRRSSSSSTTTT!" WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!

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Jen said...

LOL! I've always loved the game of life and thought that it taught some valuable lessons. ;)