Thankful Thursday

My mom and I had an interesting conversation on the phone a couple days back. She had read my blog as well as the comments and said, "You sure got a lot of comments on that post. Are they all your friends?" I struggled with the answer. Friends are, to me, people who care, give me their support, turn to me in times of need, and people I can have fun with. But I also hold my friends with high regard, and am not quick to call someone a friend. It takes a lot for me to trust someone enough to call them a friend and entrust them with my emotions and my secrets. So, do I consider my loyal readers my friends?

I have thought about this continually in the past few days. And I have come to the conclusion that, no, every commenter on my posts is not a friend. However, each has given me support. Some have turned to me for advice. Some I have shared an LOL with online. And the ones that I go to read their newest post and return a comment, well, I have come to know them, come to enjoy their words, that piece of their soul they are willing to share with me. I have been invited into their lives, their homes, their family. They are willing to share their most sacred treasures with me. And I with them. These blogs are merely our story. They tell bits and pieces of where we have been, from where we have come, and where we hope to go. And our readers, they come to know that very little piece of us that we choose to share every day. Is it the true us? In my case, it is. I offer my words depending on what is happening in my life at that moment. I write as a release for me and as a journal for my family. I do it because I enjoy it. But, I am willing to share it with the world, and there are a few people who return because I have in some way made an impact on them. It is those people that I have come to consider my friends.

So, are my commenters my friends? My conclusion is that yes, some of these people I consider my friends. Some I am still getting to know and are more acquaintances I regularly pass with a smile, and some are just people who I see on the street and nod a hello. But for today, I am thankful for my readers, for giving me support and for allowing me a look into your lives as well. For all the words of wisdom I have received from people I consider valuable additions to my world. I sincerely take what you say to me to heart. It makes me feel special that people take their time to share my journey of life, my reality. And for my friends, the real-life ones I have come to personally know, as well of those I am still getting to know and will one day meet, I am thankful for each of you. You bring a smile to my heart.


Claudia said...

No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are throughout persuaded of each other's worth...
~ Robert Southey.


I ~ heart ~ you, my virtual friend! ;)

Megnificent said...

Good Thankful.

I'm new to this and this is my first time to stop by your place, so nice to "meet" ya. :)

Sandy said...

What a lovely and thoughtful post. Nice to get to know you better.

ChrisB said...

Great post. You have put that so beautifully.

Alison said...

Tera, you wrote this so eloquently! It is beautiful. I agree with you completely!! Thanks for sharing!