Kaeden's Post

Who am I writing this for? asked Kaeden. For me, for us, for everyone, I told him. And then, he began.

I want to say that we played a game. That we watched
a movie on the computer. And we went to Jari's soccer.
I went bike riding with my friends.
Jeroen and Art and the other one.
And I had a drink by Jari's soccer.
I got a drink and used my own money.
I drank AA. And my mom and I gave a big kiss.
I made lasagne and I made my mom pudding
with kit kats, 2 eyes, and one nose, and one mouth.
The mouth was a happy face cuz I love my mom and
she loves me. And I made a fire. I made a lot of fire.
It was very, very, very hot. Very, very. And I took a bath, gramma and grampa.
And now we are gonna go lay in mommy's bed and sleep tight. We will read a story.
I dunno what story but I like the story about the stars and the moon. And I love
you gramma and I will see you in the stars tonight. Love, Kaeden

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Anonymous said...

To my precious Kaeden Riley, I'm glad you had fun today with your friends and at Jari's soccer game.I am so happy that you will see gramma in the stars tonight. Gramma looks for you in the stars everynight too and I always know the brightest one is you smiling at me. I am so happy that you are such a sensitive and happy boy and I'll always love you more than all the stars in the sky!! Love, Gramma XO