Little Boy Surprises

Jari just kicked me out of the kitchen. He keeps complaining about how hungry he is, but everything I offer is strongly rejected in his stubborn whiny manner. Finally, he just said "I need a box." Weird, I thought, that a box will placate him with his growling rumbly-tumbly. I couldn't find a just right box, and finally asked what he needed it for. "I'm making you surprise treat" he stated. He has learned this from his big brother. When I handed him a serving tray, he said "YEAH, THAT's what I needed!" and without a thank you or smile or anything he proceeds to kick me out saying "Get out of the kitchen or I can't make your surprise." Lightbulbs go off in my head...hmmm...what little boy mess will I be tackling within the coming 20 minutes? Yet, I am swayed with his need to be independednt, to learn from experience, and from my own curiosity about what kinda treat I will get. I'm here waiting...and I'll let you know the outcome...

Aha, we just shared our treat. And what a smile he had on his little boy face when he sat his tray full of goodies on the couch. There was a bowl of cereal for him, a Capri-Sun for each of us, a peperkoek (individually wrapped), a can of mixed vegetables, 1 can stewed tomatoes, 2 cans of tomato sauce, and a bag of marshmallows! He went on to inform me that I need to help him open all the cans so that he can mix them all together and make me something I will think is just yummy...hmmm...I am hoping he will forget his yummy treat by the time he finishes his cereal and watching Fantasia.

What can I say? These little boy surprises are what keeps me alive. They bring a smile to the very heart of my heart. They give me plenty to keep busy with, as Kaeden's usual surprise would have been opening all those cans and using 10 bowls to whip it together "just right". And with a pretend smile plastering my lips, covering that need to spit it out as it covers my throat lining, he'd never need to try to comprehend just how much I love him to actually be eating his creation. As for Jari, well, I love him too...for NOT opening all those cans! :-) What a wonderful surprise treat!

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