Kids Power Team

Today was Wednesday. We had the afternoon free to make choices about what to do. There was a Kids concert going on at the culture center in town and I talked Kaeden into missing sport club so we could attend. He was glad he did. After taking the bus to the city we purchased our tickets and then wandered around the toy store for a bit. Then the show began...music, lights, games, dancing. The boys really enjoyed themselves. And then came the big moment....Who from the audience can help us??? Kaeden's arms flailed wildly about as he screamed "Me, ME!" And after a couple more rounds of him bouncing and dancing til sweat ran down his face, he was chosen. He bounced with a spring in his step onto the stage and then had to sing all the kids songs from poular television series and kids artists. I was shocked that he knew them all. He then had to dance the chicken dance, the macarena, and one other dance...those he followed along and managed to figure it all out before the dance was over. He really enjoyed the shake your butt part :-) Yep, that's my boy! What amazes me about all of this is his ability to fit into a situation. As mucha s the thought of going had him in a panic, he loved every minute of it. He also loved being in the spotlight, siniging into the microphone, dancing for "all the world" to see. He seemed like such an average kid, despite his handicap, despite having just come home on the bus from his autism classroom, despite not yet being able to read ( I was so glad he wasn't chosen one game sooner when the kids had to play hangman...that wouldn't ahve went so well.). As his mom, I sat in the seat with Jari, watching our Kaeden, and I can't begin to tell what a strong feeling of pride pulsed through my veins. This is a child that may not be able to overcome his handicap, but he certainly is learning to live with it...and live with it with attitude! Nobody today could have guessed that he is a child that lives with autism, a child who must alter his every move in life to fit into what the norm says is acceptable. He was that normal boy, just having a GREAT time enjoying life. I can't say I didn't shed a few tears as I watched him dance...tears for the person he is, the person I sometimes wished he was, the person he can not ever become...and then, as his dance was over and he returned to his seat, I danced with him. Danced for joy that my son is just what he is...my son.

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