Playing Games

Today, both my kids are home from school. Kaeden has the day off, and Jari stayed home sick. It's always a bit busy when I have them both...today has been no exception, but it hasn't been fighting and arguing...we've been playing games! Jari chose Spiderman...when he came downstairs with the box I said "Oh no, not THAT game." The kids laughed and laughed...hahaha...mama has to play a game she hates. I put the thing all together, 100's (exaggeration) of pieces building the skyscrapers and connecting the magnetized Spiderman with all the demon pieces. ARGH! But, then we started playing. The kids LOVE this game, and their excitement brought me into the moment. I laughed with them, I OOhed and AAhed as Spidey swept across the magnetic board, cheering when I captured a demon! In the hour we played Spidey, I found myself enjoying it, even as I had to refit the pieces to keep the buildings intact. When it was over and we counted our pieces, the kids cheered that mama came in last. As they ate their pudding that the winners won, I pulled out Uno! Now, hahaha, jongens, let's see who is gonna win THIS game, one that I enjoy...and win I did...not in points, but in happy laughter and high fives...in giggles as they skipped mama yet again...in my boys being a team! This is one game I will play again and again, and love it every time!

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