Yesterday, I received 3 emails from the embassy in Brussels...beware of demonstrations resulting from the anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001. An anniversary is a day of remembrance...yet 9-11 is something I would rather forget. But, it's not something we can forget, for we're still living it day to day, and our lives have been forever changed in varying degrees. For the people whose lives were lost and left behind family struggling with their losses, this is a day that still burns in pain. They don't want to remember this injustice, yet the memory of their loved one is etched upon this date forever, and they are forced to remember...not just today, but every day. I remember sitting in front of the tv watching the "events" unfold, nursing my nearly two-week-old son and wondering what kind of world I had brought him into. As I tried to call my family, all the lines shut down, and never since my arrival in Europe have I felt so far away from home. I was an American living overseas and I wasn't able to support my family, my country, my people. And yet, I felt safe being away from it all. I emailed family and friends to make sure they were all okay, and was relieved as email after email came in assuring me that they were, indeed, alive and safe, but not okay...how could they be okay when their country had been terrorized? The trip my parents had planned to come visit their new grandson was put on hold, and thoughts about when I'd be able to see my family again worried me constantly. When would I be able to enter American soil? Would I be safe flying? Would America ever again be the same home I left?

No, it won't. America is a changed land since the disturbance of 9-11. It is a country that is still fighting the injustices of what ahappened, and being further split by political debates stemming from this disaster. It showed it's pride by bringing people together during and after the terror, and many continue to fly their American flag to show their support of soldiers and their pride in our land. But what exactly does all of this mean?

Today, I woke my son with tickles and realized that we have survived this injustice, we have been able to find the goodness in living in a world fraught with war, enemies, and disaster. In the six years since Sept 11, 2001, my son has seen far more good than bad...but he doesn't yet watch the news, or read messages from the embassy, or see YouTube movies of dying soldiers...I try to keep his world happy and safe, giving him a reason to smile. Yet, I know, one day he too will be affected by the date, in ways much deeper and stronger than he is now in his sheltered world of mama, papa, big brother, toy cars and soccer practice. He, too, is an American. He, too, will have to remember. September 11th...a day to remember...

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