Oma's Hip

Today my mother-in-law is going in for her hip replacement. Her opeation takes place in just one hour and already I'm awaiting the phone call to tell me everything went well. I am so happy she's having this done so that she'll be able to have a better quality of life. The last months have been nothing but pain for her, and she's been unable to go do all the things she enjoys because 1) she can't walk and 2) she's always in pain. Since I have known her, she's been such an active and energetic, lively person, and though she's undergone many medical problems, she always comes out on top. So, I'm praying that today is the beginning of yet another victory for her and that she'll be given back her better quality of life once she's completed the recovery program. Still, every time people we love go through something like this, we sit in a state of worry until we know they are okay. And that's where I am at this moment. It's a pretty major deal, but thanks to technology, it's become a pretty routine procedure. The recovery and getting back the use of her hip is going to take a lot of work over the coming months. I'm so grateful that my father-in-law is now retired and able to stay home and help her. He's going to be a big support while she sits back and lets him take care of the home, cooking, laundry, cleaning, HER...while she gets the fun of focusing on HERSELF, getting well and able to again move through life in her 'get up and go' style. Be strong, my dear omam, and I'll see you again when you're on the road to recovery!

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Amanda said...

Glad to hear her surgery went well Tera :)