Our Family is Growing

I am so excited. I totally believe in the power of pets bringing a bit of extra happiness in a home. We have our fish whom I love watching and caring for, but they aren't cuddly and peepy and furry. I have always had pets in my life from the time I was a little girl, but at this moment, we have none. Erwin adn I constantly have the discussion about getting a pet, but our lifestyle is not suited to properly caring for a dog (which would be my first choice) or a cat (which Erwin really doesn't like). So, he's always told me I could have birds, guinea pigs, or rabbits. And I have been a bit hesitant to get them after our last guinea pig died and I fell to pieces. But yesterday I popped the question again, and Erwin okayed my getting a new pet. We decided guinea pigs would be the best choice, and tonight he's going to pick up our two new babies. I don't know a lot about them, but the former owners need to give tehm up for adoption because their daughter just doesn't like them. They are long-haired guinea pigs and about 14 weeks old, and will be mine to love, care for, and admire! My kids will get the benefit of having a pet in the home, and they can enjoy their funny little antics and happy peeping. And I will have another two lively little beings to take care of, feed, love, groom, play with (sounds a bit like having two more boys to haggle with everyday, he?!)! I can't wait til Erwin gets home tonight! I'll certainly be meeting him at the door with a kiss and open arms...wide enough to hold a cage of little bundles of fur!


min said...

"happy peeping"?
You mean that annoying Wheeeeeeeeet! Wheeeeeeeet! noise?
Just kidding,I love their sound. If they smell fresh basil coming their way, they'll go into a frenzy. They love that stuff!
Have fun with them.

V-Grrrl said...

I love both cats and dogs. Cats better suit our life style, but I'm looking forward to eventually getting a dog again.

What will you name the new babies?

Anonymous said...

Yaaayyy Piggies!!!! If you ever need a piggy-sitter, you know who to call!!!


Jade said...

I'm a huge pet fan myself. Though I'm not sure if I'd know what to do with a guinea pig. Hope you fall madly in love when you see them!

Amanda said...

When I read the title of this post I got excited thinking YIPPEEE TERA IS PREGNANT!!! *boo hoo* I guess pets are the next best thing! I can't wait to meet them! :) xox