Soccer Talk

This afternoon after lunch I was outside playing soccer with Jari. I was the goalie and he was shooting penalties. Every once in awhile he'd exclaim "Good one mama! That was very good!" And then, suddenly, he sits down on his ball and looks at me real close. I could see his little mind was wildy busy. "Mama, when you were a kid like me, you used to play soccer, right?" Yep, mama played soccer too. After a couple minutes considering this, he pipes up "Were you skinnier when you were a kid?" I smiled and told him I was skinnir. "Skinny like me?" he continued. No, Jari, Mama was never skinny like you. "So, you were just a little skinnier?! But you could make lots of goals?" Mama only scored one goal ever during a game. I was a defender. "Oh, that's cuz you weren't skinny like me and couldn't run so fast!" Amazing, that child of mine...always thinking...quick in his little head and his little bod!!!


Jade said...

Hee hee, don't feel alone back there in the field. I was a defender too ;-) Not fast but powerful ;-)

Gotta love the humbling powers of children..

Anonymous said...

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