Money in the Bank

Today I got a call from the bank. I went and returned the money I found, with much praise from the bank staff...and a happy feeling in my heart. I heard the story of the couple, in their late 70's, who tried to get their bank pass to work and thought the machine was broken...and the look of exasperation on their faces as the bank manager told them that somebody had probably pocketed the money. She offered me coffee and cake, then told me that deeds such as mine are what makes us believe in the human race. She told me how extremely happy her clients would be to have their money returned. And in my heart of hearts I feel really relieved and proud that I did the right thing. So, I won't have 2 months gas paid, or 1/2 the repair cots of our car, or 3 months electric...but I will have pride and justice and honesty which will carry me through my life. And, I also have this nifty new pen set...a thank you gift from the bank for my honesty...and an image in my mind of two happy elderly people holding hands walking out of the bank with their wallets full of money...their money...hard-earned and much needed. I feel really good.

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V-Grrrl said...

Good for you!