Sweet Moments

Last night as I headed up to tuck Jari in, I noticed the framed picture of my mom and dad was on Jari's desk. It normally has it's place on a nook in our staircase. I nonchalantly asked, "How'd that picture of gramma and grampa get in here?" Jari went over and lovingly fingered the picture. "I brought it in here," he said. "Cuz I miss my gramma and grampa so much and now I can see them every day." It brought tears to my eyes and opened up into a beautiful conversation about all the reasons he loves his grandparents. He is counting down the days til he sees them at Christmas. He discussed how he saw gramma in England this summer and loved playing with her, but that it's been a million trillion threehundred thousand years since he's seen his grampa (well, a year anyway, my sweet boy). So, as grandparents day comes around this Sunday, we'll be thinking of you both and loving you from afar...and waiting til we can "jump up in your arms and give you a big, tight squeeze when Santa comes!" Happy (nearly) Grandparents Day!!!

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