How would you like to start your morning with climbing out of bed, trying to wake your son to groans and grumbles, then heading to your room where the alarm has been snoozed to have your husband start your day with "Turn off the F***** light NOW!" as you search for your son's swimming trunks for his school swim today? And not just once, but 3 times I had to listen as blood boiled through my body. I didn't care if the light was on...it was time to get up and get ready for the day. And it wasn't early, as I said, we'd already snoozed numerous times. Now that's a way to make the day begin just joyously. When my husband came downstairs, I wasn't kind and sweet...I was plain ole mad. I definitely didn't deserve to be treated that way. And yet, even after telling him how rude I thought he was, still no apology. 4 hours later, and I'm still waiting....for the apology and for my boiling blood to simmer down.

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