What a busy and really good weekend we had. But boy, where did it go? Time sure flies when you're having fun.

1. What would you do??? Saturday morning we headed to the zoo...but before we could go, I had to go to the bank for money. As I headed to the bank machine, I heard it beeping. As I looked down thinking it was out of order, a pile a bills caught my eye. 400 euro I pulled from the machine, left by the previous user. I looked around and then pulled the money out. Thoughts of what I could do with 400 euro passed through my mind as I headed to the car where Erwin was waiting. I handed him the pile of money as those same thoughts ran through his head...1/2 a plane ticket home, 3 months electric paid, 1/2 the repair costs of our car, a new oven, 2 months gas...and then I told him to wait while I went into the bank to return it. But, we were already running late for our trip to the zoo and the line was long (I mean, really long) with only one window open. I waited by the bank machine a few minutes hoping the owner of the money would come back, but they didn't. So, I went back to the car and decided to call the police upon our return home.

2. We went to the zoo nearby Brussels. Planckendael is a nice park with tons of stuff for the kids to play on. The weather was perfect and we saw lots of beautiful animals. My favorite was the snow tiger...his eyes were so piercing blue they bored right into me. The kids had a really good day, enjoying every moment of our outing. It's the first time I have erally seen Jari get excited about a zoo, and it was fun to see him exclaiming over every animal. His favorite was the turtle...he couldn't believe there was no water in their pen for them to swim. And he giggled and giggled as one ran from place to place, retelling the story of the Tortoise and the Hare. Kaeden enjoyed throwing acorns to the baby swines and laughing as they fought over them...right along with his papa, who couldn't get enough of the boss pig claiming his territory.

3. Jari (and his team) had a really off soccer day...lost their game 12-4. Jari played goalie 1/2 the game and I don't enjoy that at all (I always get nervous when he's in the goal...he's a much better runner than keeper). He was also wearing a pair of shorts from something out of the 1940's...he looked so old-timer and it was kinda funny. After their match they led the first team out onto the field for their opening season game.

4. We went into Bree where the fire station had their open day. They had so many fun activities for the kids, and my boys would have stayed there all day. They loved climbing in the fire engines. Kaeden took a ride in a rolling car, and the fire demonstrations were enlightening. We didn't stay for the burning down of the house which would have been thrilling because

5. We had a BBQ. Yum! Just the four of us enjoying an end of sumemr BBQ where we clinked glasses in a cheer. Kaeden had baked brownies earlier in the day and we had those for desert, and I made fresh lemonade which was a treat as I don't do it often. Erwin enjoyed a beer we brought back from Tsjechie, and it was relaxing and nice. After, the boys played soccer while we cleaned up, then we got them to bed, happy and zero problems...what a great way to end the weekend!

6. I tried calling the cops about the money, but can you believe there is no access to the police on a weekend unless it's an emergency? I couldn't believe it. I tried calling different chiefs, the head offices, etc and only got a message to call back during office hours. That blew me away....so, I still have the 400 euro sitting here waiting to go home to it's rightful owner...and still, thoughts of what I could do with that money are runnign through my head. It's like a tug-of-war raging through my mind what's right and good on one team and free money on the other team. I'm going to do the right thing and contact the bank this morning, but it feels a bit like a loss...

7. I have been wearing Kaeden's new Crocs since he returned back to Belgium. They are too big for him, but fit my feet to perfection...I have always stood by my Birkenstocks, but boy, do they have competition. They look a bit weird, but I think they go perfect with anything :-)
8. I did my nails while watching tv with my husband last night...maybe to you that's nothing special, but to me...I quit biting them!!! I've done this before and have relapsed, but hey, it's been a year since I have had pretty nails and finally I can paint them again and not be embarrassed and have to cover up my hands all the time! Yippeee!
9. Jari was talking about praying at school. He wanted papa to sing him Jesus songs before bed. As he started talking about prayers he did the sign of the cross..In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen. But, he said it in a manner that made Erwin and I almost pee our pants... In de naam van de Vader, de Zoon, en de Geilige Geest, Am. (In English, this says In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Horny Spirit, Ahm...hahaha)

Update: I called the bank...as of yet, nobody has turned in a report for missing money. I left my phone number so that they could contact me if they were asked. I feel relieved knowing I did the right thing. If it was me that had lost the money...well, you heard all the reasons it'd be useful...

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Jade said...

Hey, new visitor here, but I must say, cute blog. :-)

And how crazy to find a stack of cash! I've had situations where people just walk away from the machine with their card still in it, and me have free access to their money, but, I've always ended up running after them. Damn this being a good person thing! ;-)
Have a great day.