Battered and Bruised

Being a mom? Tough work!!! In the past few days, I have played so much soccer that I think I could become the next big star! And maybe, just maybe, my biggest fan will be my son. But, before I get that celebrity status, I am having to go through all the hazing rituals. A huge bruise on my shin? Check. A twisted ankle from trying to stop a ball but landing on it instead? Check. A sprained pinkie from stopping a whizzing ball as goalie? Check! A major headache from trying to head the ball from reaching the goal? Check!

I'm really nearly there...what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. And I think I am the toughest, strongest mama alive!!! And even better than the strength, is this little voice that giggled out "Mama, you can play soccer better than ALL the other mama's!!! as he kicked yet another ball my way which I stopped with a half kick, half diving motion which ricocheted off my hands. Yep, I'm getting there. Watch for me in upcoming sports articles...if you don't find me in the obits first!

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Jen said...

I told Aaron just this weekend that the best part of being a mom was getting to feel like a superhero! Nate and I were playing soccer, and since he's not quite 4 yet, he isn't exactly a pro at it. Every time I kicked it to him from across the yard, he'd let out a hearty chortle, "GOOD JOB MOM!" He'd pick up the ball and run towards me until he was about four feet away and then kick it.

It was amazingly funny and endearing. :)