Playing Games

This afternoon the boys and I spent a couple hours playing soccer games. It was so much fun! Jari and I were playing 9 months and when Kaeden came home we continued. I love hearing them cheer me and each other on, working together as a team, just enjoying the game and life as a family.

Tonight we played a game I picked up at the second hand store...Pinkeltje. Seeing Jari's face light up with excitement each time he came closer to his goal brought many smiles to Erwin and my face. He is so expressive...and so darn cute with all his missing and growing teeth. And when he won, it was as if the heavens released a pot of gold right over his head. Pure joy. Pure happiness...and so much expression.

As much as my day was a total waste (I went back to bed after everyone left, expecting to take a little nap and waking up 5 (yes, FIVE) hours later having gotten absolutely nothing done, my afternoon and evening has been a complete success. Nothing makes me feel more total than seeing my happy boys, being nice and loving, just completing the dream that fills my head for our family. Family Game Night...perfection!

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