Stupid Tooth Fairy

Oh dear...the stupid tooth fairy forgot to make her magical entrance into our home last night. Stupid tooth fairy. Which led to tears this morning as my lil guy brought his tooth from under his pillow, set it on the table before me, hiding his teary eyes under his arm. "And that is my very prettiest tooth." he exclaimed through hiccups of sobs as I pulled him into my lap. "Maybe lots ad lots of kids lost their teeth yesterday and she didn't have time to get here yet." I tried. "Maybe while mama is at teh grocery store and you are at school, she'll come to our house and take your tooth away to help build her house and leave you a special surprise." The tears were slowing, the hiccups beginning to subside. And then he jumped off my lap and went into a long dramatic speech about the magical fairy and how HIS tooth is going to be affixed right on the top of her tooth-fairy tooth house because it is the shiniest, prettiest tooth and she'll want to see it every day. And that maybe since she was so busy with other kids teeth that she'd bring him an extra-special surprise this time, not just a euro, but something magnificent, like a real-live puppy. You know, since she forgot all about MY tooth, huh mom???

Stupid tooth fairy! Manipulative boy!

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