Queens Day aka Koninginnedag

It's time to get out the orange! Dress up and have a party! Celebrate! It's Queen's Day in Holland today. The celebration of the Queen's birthday. And we do it up in styling orange, just as the royal family of Orange would do. Though it was an extremely busy day (week..and will continue to be until this week comes to a complete end) I couldn't pass up a good ole celebration. Especially as it is my first Queen's Day celebration as a real Dutch citizen! A comparable holiday in America would be the 4th of July. The patriotism, the celebration of a land and the people within, food and drink...but in Holland, it's market day. Everybody that doesn't set up a flea market stand heads out to see what junk they can bring home.

Here's a few pictures of our celebratory day. In Belgium, Queen's Day is not a holiday, so the kids still had to go to school and still had to go to soccer and still had to do all the normal stuff. But I made sure they got a little Queen's Day action right here at home. One of those traditions which is sincerely important for me to pass on to my children. So, here it is in all it's glory...Koninginnedag 2008!


Jen said...

That's awesome, Tera! I love all the pictures. I'm so glad you are instilling some sense of tradition, holiday, and good ol' FUN into your family's life. :D

Jade said...

You're an awesome mom Tera. I hope you see that! You always leave me smiling when I read the things you do for your family. And many times I want to ship a few of the children I work with at my internship (non autistic) to you so they can see what a loving family is like.

You're awesome.. And thanks for sharing the picts. They're super cute!
Hail to the Queen! lol

Claudia said...

Love the color orange. It's so fun and bright!!! It's the color of my dining room and so many of my shirts. LOVE you and your family. You are amazing!!