Thankful Thursday

Today, I am thankful for my husband (yes, yet again). Last night he came home from work and immediately got busy fixing my bike. And this morning, I once again had a means of transport which could get me further than my own two feet. Yes, all that walking did worlds of good for my body, but it still added lots of extra time to an already full agenda. I am thrilled that my husband could fix my bike, that he took the time to do so, and that I am once again in the club of bike transport. As much as I complain about having to complete all my errands via bike rather than car, I sure am thankful for having a bike rather than having to walk everyplace I go. Thanks Erwin, you made my day!!!


Jade said...

Awesome! Glad you got it fixed. I'd love to trade you bikes. Yours looks like a nice, sturdy street bike, I "inherited" My bike which is more of a "comfort bike" It has a big soft seat, shocks on the seat and the handle bars...way to....cozy of a bike for me. But sounds great for someone like you that uses it for daily transportation!

Claudia said...

Awwww - your honey sounds like mine. I'm thankful for him too. They make life a little easier, don't they??!