From Jari

Sometimes Kaeden kicks me and teases me. But sometimes he is nice and he plays with me. I like it when he plays Playstation with me or soccer. And he can play basketball good. But I can do it even better. Sometimes I can play with my friends. Sometimes we play hide and seek, but I like to play soccer and basketball best. I read some books today and colored at the daycare. Another day I got to work in the garden at school. Four times I got to spray water on the plants. We have pears, onions, brussel sprouts, and carrots. And potatoes too. My feet got muddy. That's not good.

I can do the entire girls song for our end of year party at school. But the pirate song for the boys is hard and I can't do it all. Today I went to the church and sang a song. And if the hostie is as big as milk, it would be a quarter of the milk. I gave the priest a flower, but not a sun.

My friend Bert's mama is called Kat-leen. She has a cat in her name. HAHAHA She comes and reads with me. I am with Bert and Lotte and Femke. In read the best. My group is the flower group. I got a new book today. Oh, and we have Kobe too. Today I made an airplane for Kobe and a tractor for Anouk. Write that she is my sweetheart. Cuz Anouk is my sweetheart. She makes things for me and she plays with me and reads and looks in stroies with me. And she is pretty. And she likes me. She wants to kiss me. She already did kiss me. Can everybody read this? Even Gramma?

And now I am completely done. Look how much I already wrote. That's enough words, mom.


Jen said...

Aww. Hi Jari!

Anonymous said...

Soooooooo cute!


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