The Holiday

Saturday night was a spur of the moment surprise for me. We were heading to Helmond and I decided to call up my girlfriend Lisa to see if she was up for dinner and a movie...she was! We met in front of the theatre and walked around looking for something yummy to catch our eye...just enough time for a quick bite and chat before the film started. The Holiday is a movie I have been wanting to see for a good while now, and I was not disappointed. It kept me in stitches throughout the entire film, along with the few tears that escaped down my cheeks. It was very well done, and the 135 minute time slot was not even noticeable. I wouldn't have wanted to take a break to pee or get a drink, because I would have missed something wonderful! The entire movie was that good. If you are into romantic comedies, this is the film for you. And having the evening out to share life's little realities with a good friend made it that much more spectacular. How is it that with a girlfriend sitting across from youa t the dinner table there's not a moment of quiet comfort? The comfort comes in those "Yeah, I know what you mean!", "I've been there too!", "That is really funny!", and "It feels so good to have you as my friend!". Every possible topic of conversation is covered with simplicity and understanding, and there's just not enough time to cover everything on our minds. It felt really good.

Thanks for a great evening Lis! The movie was TOP, but sharing it with you, well, tipper than TOP!

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MsYennis said...

I enjoyed myself SO MUCH, Tera :) I came home with a HUGE smile on my face, and it stayed there for the rest of the weekend!

Seeing a great movie with a great friend... What more could a girl want??? :)